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Project Announcement: Supporting smallholder farmers in organic farming in Nepal

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Organic Venture Nepal (OVN) for a joint project to improve food security in Nepal. Funded by the BINGO Environmental Foundation, the 3-year project aims to empower smallholder farmers and build sustainable urban food systems in and around Kathmandu, Nepal. As an environmental and climate change organization working to promote sustainable and regenerative practices around the world, this collaboration is an important step forward.

Like many other regions, Nepal suffers from the negative effects of conventional agricultural practices, which include the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Increasing urbanization in the Kathmandu Valley has also led to the loss of valuable agricultural land, resulting in dependence on food imports from distant regions.

The project that is now being implemented aims to contribute to the establishment of a dynamic system for local food production and processing in and around Kathmandu. Through extensive training, the provision of resources and the creation of cooperative structures, smallholder farmers in the Kathmandu region will be empowered to adopt organic farming methods. Through the application of regenerative agriculture and local marketing of produce, the project will help protect the environment while serving the growing demand for healthy and sustainable products in the cities of the Kathmandu Valley.

This collaboration is a significant step forward in our shared mission to promote food security through organic farming practices, address social ills, and build a regenerative future. We are pleased to announce our partnership with Organic Venture Nepal (OVN) in a groundbreaking project aimed at building a local food production and processing system in Nepal.


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