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News from the Nepal project

Organic Venture Nepal (OVN) began working with Gespa e.V. in mid-2023 and has since significantly advanced its idea of a social enterprise that markets organically produced food from small Nepalese farmers directly in Kathmandu. Project employee Dorit Battermann was able to see this for herself during her visit in November and December.

The project focuses on training interested farmers in organic agriculture and certifying the cooperating farmer groups and cooperatives, whose high-quality food OVN then markets directly in Kathmandu under fair conditions. Intermediaries are left out of the equation.

In the first few months, OVN supported the members of a cooperative with the construction of greenhouses and equipped a women's group with solar dryers for the production of dried fruit and pickles. OVN has already concluded a long-term supply contract with two groups, which secures a good income for the farmers thanks to fair conditions.

Official certification of organic farming is another goal that can ensure quality and a higher price for the products. Here, too, a successful start has been made. Certification is underway for a group of tea producers from eastern Nepal and the possibility of certification is currently being examined for a group of vegetable producers from the Kathmandu Valley.

OVN is now in contact with a total of ten farmer groups or cooperatives. Over the course of the three project years, at least 150 farmers and their families should benefit from a long-term and fair supply contract with OVN, training and the promotion of equipment. At least 15 cooperatives are to receive certification.

As a second important component, OVN has tackled the difficult problem of transportation and marketing by purchasing a van and setting up a sales outlet. It was opened on December 4, 2023. The opening day was very busy, but the number of customers also exceeded expectations in the weeks that followed. The Organic Mart's shelves are stocked with products such as tea, fresh vegetables, spices and, of course, a variety of local pulses and rice varieties, all of which come from the cooperating farmers' groups. OVN is receiving support from the GLS Future Foundation for Development to develop its marketing activities.

Gespa e.V. is providing the necessary resources for the promotion of farmers to 80% with funds from the Lower Saxony BINGO-Umweltstiftung. The remaining 20% (approx. 13,000 euros) must be raised by Gespa e.V. through donations.

Would you like to support our project work in Nepal and become part of this movement? Through our project, your donation will make a direct difference to the lives of local people. You can find all the necessary information here.


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