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Welcome to the
Society for Solidarity and Partnership - Gespa e.V.

Jugendliche Mädchen blickt in Landschaft und sucht Motiv für Filmdreh

Our vision

We dream of a world where social and environmental well-being go hand in hand, where cultural and biological diversity is celebrated, and where people and nature flourish together. 

We are committed to developing regenerative structures and building future-proof communities - locally and globally.


To do this, we equip people around the world with the knowledge and tools they need to understand global challenges, build local resilience, and secure long-term stability.

What we do

As a nonprofit organization, we aim to build partnerships between people and nature and promote solidarity in a global context. By working with communities, organizations, and decision makers, we aim to empower people to find solutions that promote regenerative social and environmental sustainability in a rapidly changing world. We advocate for just, equitable, and resilient communities that advance the well-being of people and the planet, while supporting cultural exchange and mutual learning.

Through our work, we hope to inspire a global community that recognizes the interconnectedness of all life and works for a regenerative and more equitable future for all.


Our contribution to the development of globally just and nature-sustainable ways of living focuses on three areas.

Aufbau Kleinerzeugerstrukturen in Kolumbien Kooperation für lokale Nahrungsmittelproduktion, Establishment of small producer structures in Colombia Cooperation for local food production



We manage international cooperation projects with a focus on Latin America that address food security, climate and environmental protection, adaptation to the effects of climate change, and poverty reduction. Our strategies are multi-faceted and contribute to the combined solution of various problems.



Main focus

Ecosystem restoration

Nature-based climate change adaptation

Species protection 

Mangrove and rainforest conservation

Health and human rights

Food security and poverty reduction

Kinder lernen Medienarbeit und Globale Zusammenhänge durch Teilnahme an Workshop, Children learn about media work and global interrelationships by participating in workshop

Media education for global learning and local environmental protection

We work with young people throughout Germany in the areas of environmental education and global learning. Media aspects play a highlighted role and serve as a tool to build bridges and strengthen the creative spirit. We help promote media literacy and creative engagement with current issues through film and photography, making the discussion of social and environmental challenges accessible to a wider audience.



Main focus

Global Learning

Environmental Education​​

Strategische Planung bei einem partizipativen Workshop in Honduras Multi Stakeholder Dialog für regenerative Entwicklung und Umweltschutz, Strategic Planning at a Participatory Workshop in Honduras Multi Stakeholder Dialogue for Regenerative Development and Environmental Protection.

Workshops for

Regenerative development

We conduct participatory workshops on regenerative system change, opening up spaces to explore the potentials of a life-enhancing society. Core elements of the workshops are situation analysis, visioning and strategic planning. The outcome is collaborative development of answers to the real needs of people and nature on the ground. In doing so, we support people in finding their personal role within the socio-ecological transformation.


Main focus

Encouraging collective participation in systemic change


Strategic planning of regenerative solutions


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